UBC Psychology is proud to welcome a chapter of Psi Chi to our campus. Psi Chi gives us a unique and prestigious opportunity to formally honor the top 35% of psychology majors. In addition, it provides these outstanding students with valuable opportunities, including (1) noting that you are a Psi Chi lifetime member on your CV, (2) being able to wear graduation regalia to signify your status in Psi Chi, (3) having availability to various Psi Chi International exclusives, including the ability to apply for scholarships and other various opportunities that can be found in their bi-weekly newsletter, and (4) having exclusive access to UBC chapter-specific opportunities. Please visit their website for more information and to learn how to join.




The UBC Undergraduate Journal of Psychology (UBC-UJP) is an annual, student-run, peer-reviewed journal. Their goal is to provide a platform for psychology undergraduates at UBC to showcase their research. Their focus is three-fold:

1) To undergraduate authors we offer a valuable and rare experience into the peer-review and publication process.

2) To our editorial board and reviewers, we offer the opportunity to develop reviewing, critical thinking and managerial skills that are essential for success in graduate studies and future careers. Being involved with UBCUJP is also a great opportunity to network with faculty, graduate students and other motivated undergraduates.

3) To graduate students and faculty, we offer the chance to engage and mentor undergraduate students.

Please visit their website for more information  about how to submit an article for publication and/or to join the their team.


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