President: Kelsey Chan (e-mail)

Kelsey is a 4th-year Psychology major and Economics minor with an interest in I/O Psychology. She is currently working in Dr. Henrich’s Culture, Cognition and Coevolution Lab and Dr. Tracy’s Emotion and Self Lab. In the future, she hopes to work closely with companies to improve their personnel recruitment and communication, and as a result, improve their employee productivity


VP Academics: Leigh Chu (e-mail)

Leigh is a 3rd year psychology major student who is interested in psychological influences on aging. She is currently volunteering in Dr. Christiane Hoppmann’s Health and Adult Development Lab.



VP Social Affairs: Liyan Zeng (e-mail)

Liyan is a 4th-year Psychology major with interests in personality and social psychology. She volunteered in Dr. Steve Heine’s Culture and Self Lab last year. In the future, she hopes to work in the personality and social psychology field.



VP Administration: Andrea Kim (e-mail)

Andrea is a 4th-year Psychology and Music double major with a particular interest in social and developmental psychology. Two of her research assistantships take place in Dr. Steve Heine’s Culture and Self Lab and Dr. Charlotte Johnston’s Parenting Lab. In the future, Andrea hopes to integrate her two majors more closely and continue her journey to becoming an independent researcher.


Academic Coordinator: Ramsha Noor (e-mail)

Ramsha is a 3rd-year BSc Psychology student with a minor in Visual Arts. She is currently volunteering in Dr. Gorzalka’s Sexual Psychophysiology and Psychoneuroendocrinology Laboratory. In the future, she hopes to pursue a PhD program in Clinical Neuropsychology.



Membership Coordinator: Gurveer Toor (e-mail)

Gurveer is a 4th-year Psychology major with interests in cognitive and biological psychology. In the future, Gurveer intends to join a research lab in pursuit of graduate school.




Departmental Relations: Ayumi Samarakoon (e-mail)

Ayumi is a 4th-year Psychology major interested in clinical and forensic psychology. She is working in Dr.Paul Hewitt’s Perfectionism and Psychopathology Lab. In the future, she would like to work in a criminal justice setting.



Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michael Souza (e-mail)

Dr. Souza is a faculty member in Psychology. With teaching, he is interested in understanding how brain networks are affected by psychological illness and neurological injury. With student advising, he is interested in creating and advancing innovative opportunities that promote student engagement and success. He is the faculty advisor of a number of student organizations here at UBC.





TamilSelvan Ramis (2012-13); Stephanie Susilo (2011-12)


VP Academics:

Jamie Kim (2012-13); TamilSelvan Ramis (2011-12)


VP Social Affairs:

James Loke (2012-13); James Loke (2011-12)


VP Administration:

Olesha Rathore (2012-13); Olesha Rathore (2011-12)


Academic Coordinator:

Leigh Chu (2012-13); Se Won An (2011-12)


Membership Coordinator:

Kelsey Chan (2012-13); Sophia Bobovski (2011-12)


Departmental Relations:

Melissa Hansen (2012-13); Jade McGregor (2011-12)


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