Undergraduate Research Spotlights

PSA’s Undergraduate Research Spotlights aims to celebrate research done by undergraduate psychology and behavioural neuroscience students & to provide further insight into what undergraduate research opportunities at UBC entail, especially the honours and directed studies programs.

We will be interviewing undergraduate researchers working in the fields of psychology and behavioural neuroscience to discuss their research projects and their research experiences! We plan on posting one interview every other week!

We hope these interviews inspire you to get involved with any of the research studies taking place on our campus!

Any questions you have for each student we feature in our interviews can be sent to us by emailing psa.communications@psych.ubc.ca OR using the online contact form on below. Answers to your questions from the researchers will also be posted on the website, and you will receive an update when it is posted if you wish!

Are you an undergraduate student who is currently working on a research project or has worked on one in the past and are interested in being interviewed to feature in the Undergraduate Research Spotlights? Email psa.communications@psych.ubc.ca OR use the online contact form below to let us know!


Interviews (click on the names below!):


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