Ashley Whillans (e-mail) (CV)

I am a 4th-year Psychology Honours student with a keen interest in well-being, happiness and health. I am currently working with Dr. Edith Chen studying the effects of empathy and perspective taking on health in families with adolescent children. Also, as you may have guessed, I love to write, edit and satiate my curiosity of just about everything through journalism!

Favorite quote: “Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.” (Margaret Mead)


Associate Editor

Kino Zhao (e-mail) (CV)

I am a 4th-year student who is not planning to graduate this year because I love school too much and I haven’t taken enough classes. I am double-majoring in psychology and philosophy, and I am interested in topics related to clinical psychology, religion, and travel.

Favorite quote: “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a  thought without accepting it.” (Aristotle)


Staff Writers

Meghan Buckley (e-mail) (CV)

I am a 5th-year psychology major interested in social cognitive development. I am currently working with Dr. Elizabeth Dunn, studying health and happiness in older adults and with Dr. Jessica Tracy, studying existential anxiety. I am also an avid lover of Doctor Who, film photography, dystopian novels, and Freudian slips.

Favorite quote: “I never had to choose a subject – my subject rather chose me.” (Ernest Hemingway)


Bella Margolles (e-mail) (CV)

I am a 3rd-year Psychology student who is interested in infant and child psychology. I love reading dystopian novels and watching cheesy horror flicks.

Favorite quote: “Dream and give yourself permission to envision a you that you choose to be.”( Joy Page)


Jade McGregor (e-mail) (CV)

I am a 3rd-year Psychology major.  I am also the Associate Editor for the Social, Personality and Health section of the UBC Undergraduate Research Journal of Psychology. I am also part of the volunteer editing collective of Room Magazine, Canada’s oldest literary magazine by and for women.  In my free time I enjoy reading and writing fiction and pretending that owning a guitar is equivalent to being able to play one.

Favorite quote: “Dare to fail”


Leena Wu (e-mail) (CV)

I am a recent psychology graduate who is intent on pursuing a career in the field of cognitive neuroscience. Currently I am working on campus as a research assistant and am taking some interesting psychology courses as an unclassified student. I like to keep myself involvedat UBC by also volunteering at the Brain and Research Centre, while looking avidly for ways to apply the various skillsets I have gained.

Favorite quote: “People spend a lifetime searching for happiness; looking for peace… The irony is the only place they ever needed to search was within.” (Ramona L. Anderson)



Kaitlyn Goldsmith

I am a 4th-year Psychology Honours student who is working in Dr Boris Gorzalka’s Sexual Psychophysiology and Psychoneuroendocrinology Lab and at Dr. Lori Brotto’s Sexual Health Lab at Vancouver General Hospital. I am also the current President of Psi Chi at UBC, an International Honor Society in Psychology.