2017/18 Executive Team

President – Kashish Dogra

Major, Faculty: Psychology and Political Science, Arts
Kashish is a fourth year student double majoring in Psychology and Political Science. She is interested in the applied side of Psychology as a discipline, more specifically how psychological tools and methods can be used to create and foster sustainable and meaningful organizational progress in workplaces. She aspires to pursue graduate studies in Organizational Development in the near future. In the past, Kashish has worked as a Research Assistant at the Social Identity lab, as Program Assistant at Aunt Leah’s (a NGO that works with foster youth), and as the Academic Director of PSA. She is excited to be back this year as a part of the executive team. In her free time she likes to cook, hang out with friends, daydream, nap and binge watch TV series.


VP Academics – Aarushi Shory

Major, faculty: Psychology, Faculty of Arts
Year: 4

Aarushi is a 4th year undergraduate student of psychology at UBC. She is pursuing her second undergraduate degree in psychology. She is currently working as a Research Assistant at the Vision Lab investigating variables associated with Attention. Also, as a Research Assistant at Human Sexuality Lab, investigating how Sexuality influences individual’s happiness and the sexual potential. Apart from academic pursuits, Aarushi loves to hypnotize, read, dance and get her pictures clicked.


VP Social Affairs – Lauren Sykes

Major, Faculty: Psychology, Faculty of Arts
Year: 4

Lauren is a 4th year Psychology major, who enjoys spending time with her friends and making people laugh. She is leaning towards studying fear and phobias in the field of psychology, but is honestly still trying to figure out how to hang posters straight. Lauren also has a strong interest in all things autumn, so if you see a girl wearing a pumpkin toque – don’t be afraid to say ‘hi’ and wave. She hopes to go on and get her PhD and become a licensed therapist or run a group home.


Treasurer/VP Internal – Ashley Lee

Major, Faculty: Cognitive Science, Faculty of Science
Year: 3

Ashley is a 3rd year Cognitive Science student, who has an interest in exploring the interconnection between the mind and the sciences. As a research assistant at Investigating Methods to Prevent, Assess, and Cure for Trauma (IMPACT) lab in the past, she finds it particularly interesting how the hippocampus in a person suffering from PTSD is smaller than that of a normal person. Ashley hopes to research and learn more about how PTSD can affect the brain (with a focus on refugees). In her free time, she likes to hang out with her peeps and eat.


Membership Coordinator – Celine Kao

Major, Faculty: Psychology, minor in Sociology, Faculty of Arts
Year: 3

Celine is a 3rd year student at UBC, who is working towards a major in Psychology, and a minor in Sociology. Bright-eyed and fascinated in every branch of psychology, she has a hard time narrowing her interests to an area of specialization. Nonetheless, she is open to studying different fields, such as marketing or management, that can contribute to her major. Perhaps she will become a social worker or human resources manager. Celine is shy, but sweet and ready to conquer what the future has for her. She also likes doing yoga, Miyazaki films, and polka dots.



External Coordinator – Alicia Wong

Major, Faculty: Psychology, Faculty of Arts
Year: 3

Alicia is a 3rd year Psychology major, who is currently working in the Social Accuracy Lab investigating personality perception. She also works in the Culture & Self Lab exploring the effects of Tylenol on regret and aggression and the effect of uncertainty on pain. Aside from academia, Alicia enjoys shooting film photographs, terrible/brilliant puns, and is a full-time dog person.