2016/17 Executive Team

President – Bowen Li

Major, Faculty: Psychology, Faculty of Arts
Year: 5

Besides his role as the President of PSA, Bowen also serves as the Psychology representative in Arts Undergraduate Society council. Bowen currently works in the UBC Vision Lab, investigating relationships between music and non-verbal behaviour. He has a strong interest in corporate law and is working part-time assisting the Shares Manager at Anglo-Bomarc Ltd, a mining corporation. In the near future, Bowen aims to attend law school and hopes to open his own law firm.


VP Academics – Cindy Choi

Major, faculty: Psychology, Minor in Law and Society, Faculty of Arts
Year: 5

Cindy is interested in clinical applications of Psychology. She is currently working as a research assistant at UBC Interpersonal Lab, investigating variables associated with mental disorders such as social anxiety and depression. Also, as a research assistant at Perfectionism and Psychopathology Lab, she hopes to study personality factors associated with trait perfectionism. Apart from academic pursuits, Cindy loves to read, swim, and doodle.


VP Social Affairs – Ashley Lee

Major, Faculty: Cognitive Science, Faculty of Science
Year: 2

Ashley is a 2nd year Cognitive Science student who has an interest in exploring the interconnection between the mind and the sciences. As a research assistant at Investigating Methods to Prevent, Assess, and Cure for Trauma (IMPACT) lab in the past, she finds it particularly interesting how the hippocampus in a person suffering from PTSD is smaller than that of a normal person. Ashley hopes to research and learn more about how PTSD can affect the brain (with a focus on refugees). In her free time, she likes to hang out with her peeps and eat.


Treasurer/VP Internal – Mohit Sodhi

Major, faculty: Experimental Medicine, Faculty of Medicine
Year: 1st year Master’s student

Mohit has worked as a researcher in the Neural Circuits and Cognition lab and currently works as a clinical investigator at BCCH in the Division of Otolaryngology (Surgery) as well as the Department of Ophthalmology at VGH. He is currently the CEO and CFO of YNOTFORTOTS and the treasurer for UBC YNOTFORTOTS. He has a passion for emergency medicine, as he is an emergency medical responder. He is working as a behavioural interventionist and works in a pediatric physiotherapy clinic. He also enjoys volunteering at Camp Goodtimes. He enjoys watching superhero movies, functional fitness workouts, and Christmas.


Membership Coordinator – Olivia Li

Major, Faculty: Behavioural Neuroscience, Faculty of Science
Year: 3

As a 3rd year BNS student, Olivia is excited to finally dive into the specialized courses of biopsychology. She currently works as a research assistant, exploring the effects of dopamine on decision-making behaviours in the Neural Circuits and Cognition lab and investigating humans’ nonverbal behaviours in the Emotion and Self lab. Olivia is also a hobbyist photographer, a stationery hoarder, and a part-time cat lady. She hopes to do something cool and exciting as her future career–––possibly brain-related, but who knows?


External Coordinator – Lauren Sykes

Major, Faculty: Psychology, Faculty of Arts
Year: 3

Lauren is a 3rd year Psychology major, who enjoys spending time with her friends and making people laugh. She is leaning towards studying fear and phobias in the field of psychology, but is honestly still trying to figure out how to hang posters straight. Lauren also has a strong interest in all things autumn, so if you see a girl wearing a pumpkin toque – don’t be afraid to say ‘hi’ and wave. She hopes to go on and get her PhD and become a licensed therapist or run a group home.